Violetta & Eleanoras Newborns

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These beauties are all MINE I still cant believe I have four babies!

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My Beautiful Girls
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Violet wearing the purple headband and Eleanor wearing the pink one
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Look at those eyes

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// Pictures: Freckled Expressions //

Oh My Gosh is this even real, I have two newborns… TWO! I have been dying to get these pictures back and share them with everyone. They are getting so big and it makes me a bit sad because ahh they are my last babies! They still sleep a lot during the day and not so much during the night, and although it’s not too terrible it’s still pretty hard. I’ve been trying to get them on a schedule but with two babies it’s obviously a lot harder than just having one! They are both just so cute and we can already start seeing their cute little personalities. They also have the most beautiful blue eyes that you can kinda see in the pictures where Eleanor has her eyes open. I know they probably won’t stay blue but I really hope they will! Lol wouldn’t it be a little crazy if we had a girl with dark brown eyes, a boy with hazel eyes and twins with blue eyes! Only time will tell and I’m okay with that. When I was pregnant, Jason and I would always say that I would care for Violetta (because I chose her name) and he would care for Eleanora (he chose hers) but once they were born I was always caring for Eleanor and he would care for Violet. Lol we always remind each other how that didn’t work out! We obviously both still hold and love the other one but since we already know the tricks to calm the ones we are so used to we tend to trade, especially at night when they are fussy. They are both getting more aware of each other, and they don’t like tummy time and Eleanor spits up so much. She also loves being swaddled and doesn’t mind when her brother pokes and picks at her (I’m always watching him). Violet doesn’t like being swaddled and doesn’t like being poked at by her brother, but she does love to cuddle and loves the swing. They both love taking baths and hate being flat on their backs, which is funny because that’s how they had them in the NICU. Dezi is in love with them and always asks to hold them. She also tries to feed them but we’ve decided to let papa and mama do that part. Gavin also loves holding them but mostly poking at them and laying his face on theirs and giving them smooches on the foreheads. I can’t believe they’re already a month and a half! We love these sweet girls and they have definitely brought so much joy, love into our lives and they completed our family! Love you sweeties. Hope you all loved these pictures as much as I do, thank you for reading! Xox

Violetta and Eleanora’s Fresh 48

I love my girls so much I can’t believe they’ve been here for three weeks it seriously feels like they’ve been here longer! We had our photographer come the next day of them being born to take these beautiful pictures. Aren’t they just so precious. I just love their little bear hats they are so cute. We can’t wait to bring these babies home crossing our fingers tomorrows the day! Hope you’re all having a wonderful day. Xox

Maternity Pictures 

I love how our maternity pics turned out! I originally wanted them in the snow but I’m glad I decided to just get them done. I don’t think we would have been able to do them if we would have waited. Staying at the hospital has not been fun and I get soo bored! I’ve been watching the old seasons of America’s Next Top Model. It’s funny to see how people use to dress and how some trends are coming back. Lol I miss my kiddos but I know my family is taking great care of them! ❤️ They come visit everyday but it’s always so hard when they leave I just want to be with them all the time. 😣 Jason is doing such an amazing job (as always) being a wonderful husband/father. Poor guy has to wake up so early and I just feel so bad when he stays with me. Wishing I could fast forward to the part where Mac and Cheese are finally big enough to be here. The hospital is no fun but all my nurses are sweethearts and it’ll be worth it at the end when I get to meet my baby girls. Hope you’re all having a wonderful week! Xox 

Happy 1st Birthday Gavin

Gavin, my sweet little miracle who is my cuddle bug and big boy and darling mister and beautiful baby, I cannot tell you how much I love you. how much you make this family feel complete. how much you mean to me.  Thank you for bringing sooooo much joy into our family. Thank you for forgiving me for not giving you the full attention I think you deserve. Thank you for giving me so many hugs and cuddles and open mouthed kisses throughout the day. Thank you for being so easy going and happy. Thank you for being so patient with sister, an us too. Thank you for making me want to be a better person every single day. Thank you for choosing me to be your mama.  I cannot believe you are ONE. How did you get so big… I remember holding you for the very first time a tiny little thing you were. You took your first steps a few days ago. We are all so proud of you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet little baby. Mama loves you so much! 


When ever we are on the phone and Dezi’s around she’ll say “HAYYYYYY Hiiiiiiii Hayyyy” non stop really loud. 
Dezi will try to talk to us in her own language and do gestures while she’s talking with her hands. (Pretty cute seeing her get into it. Just wish I knew what she was saying) 
When we are done having dinner she’ll point to the tv and say “Ovie” “Ovie” (Movie) 
She was sitting on the couch and started saying “bankie”. We had no idea what she was trying to say so I told her to show me. She took me to our room and pointed at the blanket. 😂 
Whenever she hears her brother she’ll point at him and say “BABY BABY” and giggle. 

I was soppose to post this a week ago but I haven’t had time.. life happens. Aren’t they precious I love these two. Have a wonderful weekend. Xo