Lipstick Favorites!

Lipstick Faves

I love wearing lipstick, it’s my go-to when I’m too lazy to put some foundation on! It just really gives you that put together vibe. And let’s be honest, with little babies there’s no way I can go all out on my makeup routine so for now lipstick it is! So hey, why not share some of my favorite lipsticks at the moment. Here’s my 5 go-to colors right now..

Stila, Bacca: I love this berry pink color! It’s a perfect color for spring/summer. I also love that I don’t have to keep reapplying it because it seriously lasts all day! And it doesn’t stain my babies when I kiss them!


MAC, Mehr: This is my everyday color it’s the perfect amount of pink to give your natural lips some color. It has just the right amount of moisturizer so it almost feels like your wearing chapstick. I absolutely love it!


Lancôme, Out with a bang: Probably one of my favorite pink/purple shades. Even though it’s a matte, it doesn’t make your lips feel dry.


MAC,  Fanfare: I got this color last year for my birthday and it’s almost completely empty. I wore it all of my pregnancy till I found the shade Mehr. It’s a perfect orange that doesn’t look too bright. Love it!


Nars, Red Lizard: There are so many different shades of red out there and this is definitely one of my favorites. I usually wear this when I’m feeling and looking exhausted and need something to brighten my face and give it that POP!

I love smooching my kids and I almost always get lipstick on them but hey they won’t be this small for long and one day they wont let me smooch them anymore, so I’ll keep doing it and I’ll keep wiping their face.

P.s. Dezi loves my lipsticks too..

Hope y’all enjoyed this post, have a wonderful day!

Little Letters, Spring Edition

FullSizeRender.jpgDear Oregon, Please give us some sunshine and warmer weather. I’ve had enough rain. Bye.

Dear Potty Training, I hate you  (deep sigh) I got this!

Dear Khalid, I’m really digging your songs lately.

Dear Frappes, I love you, thank you for making me feel like I slept 8hrs.

Dear iPad, Thank you for babysitting Dezi lately you’re a lifesaver!

Dear Twins, Please gain some weight so we don’t have to feed you so often.

Dear Gavin, You’re my favorite little boy. I love you!

Dear Trolls, I thought I wouldn’t like you but now I have you on repeat even if the kiddos aren’t watching.

Dear Tulips, 🌷 I can’t wait to go see all your prettiness at the wooden shoe this year. You’ll always be my fave flower. You’re the reason why I love spring.



“Mama take a picture”
Can you spy her gum 😂

“Papa where’d my gum go” ⬆️

Whenever I ask Dezi If she wants something to eat she’ll respond with “I can’t like it!” I have no idea where she got that from but it’s pretty funny when she says it all serious. 

“What’s that noise mommy?” All day everyday and sometimes she’ll say it even if there isn’t a sound. 

“Otay (ok) mommy.” 

“What’s that?” Alllllllllll day long! 

“Look at my sisters!” She says to random people when we go to appointments. She loves showing of her sissies. 

Whenever there’s little girls somewhere she’ll go up to her hold her hand and say to us, “that’s my friend.” I gotta remind her that she can’t be stealing other people’s kids like that! Lol. 

Lately my mom will take Gavin to her house to help us out and Dezi will get worried and won’t stop asking us “mama where’s Gavin” or “Gavin not here yet!” She loves her brother even if they bump heads sometimes. 

The other night we watched Inside Out before bed time. When papa took her to bed she said “I’m so happy papa.” She’s such a love. 
“Hey babe hey babe!” (She hears papa calling me that or vice versa.)


She calls Eleanora “Elenoona” and Violet “sister.”

Life With Twins At Home

Now that we have all our kids under one roof, life has been crazy! My mom has been coming over in the mornings to help us with Dezi and Gavin and sometimes she’ll take them to her house and bring them back in the evening which has been super helpful. Violet and Eleanor are really good sleepers but since they’re still so tiny we HAVE to wake them up every three hours and feed them even if they aren’t hungry/awake. They also take so long to finish their bottle because they are still learning to eat so it takes them 30 minutes to finish. Then we have to change them and swaddle them and by the time we do all that it’s been an hour, and we have to wake up again in a couple hours. That’s definitely been the hardest part for us! With our other kids, it was only one and we would trade feeding times so we would get pretty good stretches of sleep and we weren’t so tired. Since there’s two of them we can’t do that and we’re both extremely exhausted only getting 1hr to 2hrs of sleep at a time. Yikes! Coffee/energy drinks have become our best friends. We are also trying to keep them in the same schedule so we feed them at the same time every time. Hoping that will pay off on the long run. Dezi and Gavin love their sisters. Dezi is always trying to help feed them/change their diaper and Gavin will throw away their diapers. Such good little helpers. Eventually it won’t be this hard, and I’m sure we’ll look back in a few years and miss it. (Them being this little, not the lack of sleep 😂) Thanks for reading! Xox 

Violetta and Eleanora’s Fresh 48

I love my girls so much I can’t believe they’ve been here for three weeks it seriously feels like they’ve been here longer! We had our photographer come the next day of them being born to take these beautiful pictures. Aren’t they just so precious. I just love their little bear hats they are so cute. We can’t wait to bring these babies home crossing our fingers tomorrows the day! Hope you’re all having a wonderful day. Xox

The Twins Birth Story 





Hello everybody, if your new to my blog, we recently welcomed our twins, Violetta and Eleanora! They will be two weeks on Tuesday.

As some of you know, we were in and out of the hospital the last month of my pregnancy. I went in for pre-term labor at 29 weeks and 4 days with contractions every 4-5mins that were making small changes to my cervix, so they gave me the steroid shots to help their lungs develop & gave me medicine to stop the contractions. The medicine stopped working, so they gave me magnesium in case the girls decided to arrive that night. Magnesium is shown to protect the baby’s brain born before 32weeks. Thankfully, the magnesium stopped my labor and I had to stay at the hospital for observation till I was 32 weeks pregnant. Hospital bed rest wasn’t fun and I missed being home with my kids… plus I couldn’t do anything!
We had an ultrasound (2/15/16) to check their growth and they were measuring at a smaller gestational age. The doctor told us that the placenta wasn’t doing it’s job and if the girls didn’t gain much weight in 2 weeks we would have to be induced. They let me go home when I hit 32 weeks (2/16/17) but I had to have check-ins 3x a week till I delivered the girls. I was home for a week and my preterm labor came back. I was having contractions 5 minutes apart so this time I thought we’d have them for sure.
We went into labor and delivery on Friday. The girls seemed to be under stress every time I’d get a contraction so the doctor was debating whether or not to induce me. He went in to talk to another doctor and get his opinion and came back and decided to give us another round of steroid for their lungs. They kept me overnight and my contractions went away and the girls were doing good again so I begged them to send me home. I did not want them to keep me in there for another week!
We had our second growth ultrasound on Tuesday (2/28/17) and I had my hospital bags in the van just in case they wanted to induce me. I didn’t think they would but wanted to be prepared. The technician came in and started measuring the babies, and they were still measuring small and hadn’t gain much weight since the last appointment. They had a small amount of amniotic fluid, and Violet wasn’t moving as much. She walked out and the doctor came looked at them for literally a minute and said, “We need to get them out now go to labor and delivery and call your family. Go now.” She walked out. I was shocked. I called Jason crying. He was on his way. I went to labor and delivery and they hooked me up to all the machines. Jason got there and my doctor came in and she looked at the monitor and said “I just want to let you know you’re going to end up with a c-section, no matter what.” She explained that the babies were having a hard time when I would contract. There was a little bit of amniotic fluid and if she broke my water they would end up being more stressed out. Which would end up with an emergency c section. She told us she didn’t recommend a natural birth but we could try. Jason and I talked about it, and felt safer having them through a c-section. We let our doctor know and within 10 minutes I was getting prepped!
I went to the OR and Jason had to wait in the waiting area till they put in my spinal and finished prepping me. There was so many nurses in there… everything happened so quick! My doctor started the c section and Jason wasn’t in the room yet… they forgot to let him in! I told them you can’t take her out till Jason’s in the room and within 2 minutes of him walking in Violetta was born crying and breathing on her own. They showed her to us and took her to the NICU, and then two minutes later Eleanora was born with the same strong cry and breathing on her own. They showed her to me and took her to the NICU with Jason. They finished my surgery and took me to the recovery room. I didn’t get to hold my babies till a few hours after surgery and I only got to hold them for what felt like 10 minutes. My uterus wasn’t contracting so my recovery was not fun! I’m just so thankful my girls were healthy! Strong little fighters. They are doing great and just need to learn to finish a bottle. They graduated to their crib, which means we are that much closer to bringing them home. Can’t wait to have all my kids together. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful week! xoxo 4 Reasons 4 Happiness – (new members new name!)

Maternity Pictures 

I love how our maternity pics turned out! I originally wanted them in the snow but I’m glad I decided to just get them done. I don’t think we would have been able to do them if we would have waited. Staying at the hospital has not been fun and I get soo bored! I’ve been watching the old seasons of America’s Next Top Model. It’s funny to see how people use to dress and how some trends are coming back. Lol I miss my kiddos but I know my family is taking great care of them! ❤️ They come visit everyday but it’s always so hard when they leave I just want to be with them all the time. 😣 Jason is doing such an amazing job (as always) being a wonderful husband/father. Poor guy has to wake up so early and I just feel so bad when he stays with me. Wishing I could fast forward to the part where Mac and Cheese are finally big enough to be here. The hospital is no fun but all my nurses are sweethearts and it’ll be worth it at the end when I get to meet my baby girls. Hope you’re all having a wonderful week! Xox 

Goodbye 2016

Here are a few highlights of 2016..•Getting to celebrate Jason’s golden birthday and Snorkeling on his special day!

•Going on our first Family trip to Mexico and laying by the pool watching Dezi “swim”.

•Going to the tulip festival. I loove tulips I’d chose them over any other flower.

•Celebrating Gavin’s first birthday. It was so fun watching him smash his cake.

•Finding out we were expecting baby number 3 and then turned out we were having identical twin girls!

•Playing in our first snow storm. Dezi wouldn’t stop eating the snow! Gavin thought doing faceplants was the best.

•Christmas this year was so fun with the kids! Dezi really understood what presents were and got to open them for pretty much everyone!

•Spending it with my best friend/soulmate/husband!

Cant wait to see what 2017 will be like with 4 kiddos. ☺ Hope y’all have a fun and safe NYE! Xox