Gavin Turns Two!

Can you believe my boy is two already! He’s such a sweet boy he gives his sisters tender kisses and always hugs them or pokes them very gently. He is a very shy boy. He still rocks in bed or on the couch when he gets nervous or is trying to comfort himself. He has long hair so a lot of people think he’s a girl but Dezi always makes sure to let them know that, that’s her baby brother! He loves playing with balls he’s got a huge obsession with them and his first words were basketball. Lately He started saying more words like “up” “more” “help” “HI!” “Bye” “baby” etc. I can’t believe how fast he’s growing especially looking back at these pictures! Please slow down baby boy! We love you so much Gavin! I know you know that! You’re a very special little boy!

Ps Gavin got the chicken pox last week so we got him a chicken pox cake it was so cute. I will try and edit the video soon.


Pumpkins In The Sun


Hello family and friends! Just thought we would tell you guys a little bit about our trip to the pumpkin patch down here in Arizona. We have been going to the pumpkin patch every year in Oregon so we decided to find a new farm to go to. The farm we found was called Vertuccio Farms and it was tons of fun. They had huge air pads for the kids to jump on and since we got there pretty early in the evening we almost had the entire farm to ourselves. The animals we very friendly and the games were sure fun to play with the kids. The best part was probably going down the slides with the kids. After picking out some pumpkins for the kids we headed home. I cant wait to roast some pumpkin seeds and eat all the kids candy! haha. I posted the video below! Have a wonderful night. xox

Our Ducklings At ASU


Hello everybody! Last night the Oregon Ducks football team just happen to be playing down the road so Jason Checked online and decided that we were all going to the game. After some last minute tickets and the bumper to bumper traffic on University Dr we made it to the stadium. We found a great spot to park not far from all the family games and activities. Little did we know that it was for the ASU fans, someone told us where the ducks tailgate was but we just had fun playing the games and never made it over there. Jason had never been to a ducks away game and he said that it was a very strange feeling. We didnt really know if everyone was staring at us because we were wearing green or if it was because we had babies strapped to our chests and toddlers holding our hands. After making our way through the entire ASU tailgate section we ended up with a couple of free bags of chips and popsicles, those would really save us for later in the game. As we walked up to the gate of course we had to take a family picture, everyone was so friendly they helped us with a quick photo and then we got in line to enter the stadium. As we walked up to the gate I thought something looked off, once it was our turn they took one look at our back pack and said we need a clear plastic bag.. oh crap. After some quick thinking and not wanting to walk al the way back to the car to drop our backpack off we got some huge ziplock bags, four of them I think. We dumped the entire backpack out infront of the staduim and started filling them up with forumula and diapers. After we filled the bags up Jason rolled the backpack up in a sweater he had brought for some reason. Then we attempted to get in again, this time was a sucess and we were off to find our seats. After a quick bathroom stop and fixing Dezi’s shoe that kept falling off we finally made it to our section. Then we had to walk up some serious stairs with no railings. We almost made it up to or row but we decided to sit a few rows closer because no one was sitting there and we had more room for the kids. As soon as we got all settled in the teams kicked off and the kids had a blast! Dezi got into some intense cheering and Gavin was pretty happy just eating snacks and playing on the seats. I think I only caught a few plays but the best part was just seeing how much fun the kids had and the excitement when a team would score. It was pretty exhaustimg and we were all pretty sore the next day but it was totally worth it! Go Ducks!  Hope you all have a great week! xox (Video below)

Precious Moments




Took these pictures tonight arent they just so precious! This is sweet Eleanora she doesnt like to cuddle much so of course i had to snap these pictures to document. I have always loved how jason is so gentle and caring and its beautiful to get to witness the love he has for his kids. hes a keeper that guy! well, these little babies are growing so quick & we love them so much all of them 😉 !! Hope you have a wonderful day 🙂 also dont forget to enter my GIVEAWAY ! xoxo

Splashing Good Time



Happy Friday! Hope you all had a wonderful week. We took these pictures yesterday, the kids just love playing in the water! Probably because it is always so warm out and they just wanna cool off. lol, I was just telling my mom the other day that there is never any cold water it’s always room temperature. When we first got here the bath water was not very hot so Jason turned the hot water up so for like three weeks we thought we had the hot water on and we just found out yesterday we didn’t have it on, so all this time we were taking showers/baths with room-temperature water. we thought that was so funny you would never be able to do that in Oregon!

On another note, our realtor recommended us a babysitter and she watched all four kids the other day, mind you she is only 15! I was pretty nervous at first but she is the oldest of seven kids, so I knew she had some experience and she babysits for other families. The kids loved her and when we dropped her off Dezi kept saying how much she loved her and wanted her to stay with us. We are so excited we found someone to watch our kids! It was so nice getting away for a bit and just having a good time chatting and watching a movie. We love our kiddos but sometimes we need some time to catch up without any interruptions.

well, hope you all have a great weekend! xox

Little Letters, Green Dress Edition

Dear Arizona, we love you so much even if you're over 100 everyday. 🌞🔥

Dear Green dress, I love how flowy and bright you are it was truly love at first sight.

Dear pool, thanks for keeping my family and I so cool. An getting my kiddos so tired so they pass out when it's bedtime. 🙌🏼

Dear twinkies, you two are growing sooo fast and your personalities….gah I love you two!

Dear Bubby Boy, you are so cute when you follow your sister everywhere. I can tell you're really trying to be a big boy lately and talk more you are the sweetest boy ever!

Dear Novirae, I'm so excited for you. you're going to skyrocket.

Dear peanut m&ms, why are you so darn good this girls trying to get in shape and you are making it very difficult! Please stop tasting so delicious…. 🙄

Dear anonymous, thank you for reading my blog and reminding me of that hilarious incident! Lol It made my day. 💕

Hope you all enjoyed my little Letters have a wonderful week! Xox

A Sweet Taste of Summer

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Cousins! Fraternal Twins Ava, Elsie and sweet Lillie!

Hello, here are some pictures we took with our amazing photographer before we left. The kids really surprised us this time they all did so good and smiled with no fits..woohoo These pictures are so precious I just love them all!  We have been vlogging now that we got our charger so keep an eye on our youtube channel because we post there a lot more often than here. It’s just so much easier to just record our little adventures than to remember to take pictures! Although I do love pictures it’s just easier to vlog. So make sure you subscribe to our channel I’ll be doing a little giveaway soon so stay tuned! Also, we are still unpacking and finding a new home for our things but once we are all settled in we will do a little home tour! Have a great week! xox

p.s here’s our Monday vlog!


Life Lately

Eleanora wearing pink Violetta in the blue Eleanora^Hi everybody, it’s been awhile since I last posted. So here’s a little life lately. We made the big move to AZ and we are loving it soo much here. It’s been so hot but we still manage to run errands even if it’s the middle of the day. We usually wake up at 8:30-9 and by the time we have breakfast get the kids ready it ends up being noon. We’re crazy I know! Today we decided to go to a splash pad park and it was so big and they about had everything. The kids really enjoyed it. We only lasted about 20 mins before we got too hot. 😂 we’ve been running lots of errands and we’ve been going to the pool every night. The kids love it so much and are so comfortable in the water. Dezi met a new little friend yesterday that gave her a couple life jackets. I mentioned this on Facebook already but she came back today and knocked on our door asking if Dezi could play. I couldn’t handle the cuteness! They are practically best friends now she even came over after swimming to play with the doll house. We haven’t made any videos because we forgot our charger in the pod. Once it arrives the videos will be back! Also, we are so excited to finally sit on a couch. 😬 Well, that’s about it! Hope you’re all enjoying this warm summer weather! Sorry if this post is all over the place. This is like my journal so I’m trying to post more and not worry about what people might think of my not so good grammar. After all, English isn’t even my first language. Have a wonderful day! Xox