Gavin Turns Two!

Can you believe my boy is two already! He’s such a sweet boy he gives his sisters tender kisses and always hugs them or pokes them very gently. He is a very shy boy. He still rocks in bed or on the couch when he gets nervous or is trying to comfort himself. He has long hair so a lot of people think he’s a girl but Dezi always makes sure to let them know that, that’s her baby brother! He loves playing with balls he’s got a huge obsession with them and his first words were basketball. Lately He started saying more words like “up” “more” “help” “HI!” “Bye” “baby” etc. I can’t believe how fast he’s growing especially looking back at these pictures! Please slow down baby boy! We love you so much Gavin! I know you know that! You’re a very special little boy!

Ps Gavin got the chicken pox last week so we got him a chicken pox cake it was so cute. I will try and edit the video soon.


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