Our Ducklings At ASU


Hello everybody! Last night the Oregon Ducks football team just happen to be playing down the road so Jason Checked online and decided that we were all going to the game. After some last minute tickets and the bumper to bumper traffic on University Dr we made it to the stadium. We found a great spot to park not far from all the family games and activities. Little did we know that it was for the ASU fans, someone told us where the ducks tailgate was but we just had fun playing the games and never made it over there. Jason had never been to a ducks away game and he said that it was a very strange feeling. We didnt really know if everyone was staring at us because we were wearing green or if it was because we had babies strapped to our chests and toddlers holding our hands. After making our way through the entire ASU tailgate section we ended up with a couple of free bags of chips and popsicles, those would really save us for later in the game. As we walked up to the gate of course we had to take a family picture, everyone was so friendly they helped us with a quick photo and then we got in line to enter the stadium. As we walked up to the gate I thought something looked off, once it was our turn they took one look at our back pack and said we need a clear plastic bag.. oh crap. After some quick thinking and not wanting to walk al the way back to the car to drop our backpack off we got some huge ziplock bags, four of them I think. We dumped the entire backpack out infront of the staduim and started filling them up with forumula and diapers. After we filled the bags up Jason rolled the backpack up in a sweater he had brought for some reason. Then we attempted to get in again, this time was a sucess and we were off to find our seats. After a quick bathroom stop and fixing Dezi’s shoe that kept falling off we finally made it to our section. Then we had to walk up some serious stairs with no railings. We almost made it up to or row but we decided to sit a few rows closer because no one was sitting there and we had more room for the kids. As soon as we got all settled in the teams kicked off and the kids had a blast! Dezi got into some intense cheering and Gavin was pretty happy just eating snacks and playing on the seats. I think I only caught a few plays but the best part was just seeing how much fun the kids had and the excitement when a team would score. It was pretty exhaustimg and we were all pretty sore the next day but it was totally worth it! Go Ducks!  Hope you all have a great week! xox (Video below)

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