Fall Fire Agates


Dont worry our kiddo isn’t missing part of his head his hair just blends right in! lol




Hi everyone! Sorry its been so long since we made a video we have been so busy getting settled in. Since its the first day of fall today we decided to go out and enjoy the beautiful day. The place that we went was called Saddle Mountain. We thought it would be fun for them to find some cool rocks since they have been obsessed with bringing the ones from our sideyard into the house. As soon as we did a little off roading in the minivan we got to the Mountain and found a promising spot so we decided to park. As soon as we stepped out of the van there were Fire Aggates everywhere! We told Dezi that there was fire trapped inside of them so she needed to be very careful picking them up. Right away Dezi realized that these were not her ordinary rocks. You should all watch the video and see how excited she gets. After picking up rocks for about an hour the buckets started to get pretty heavy and Dezi decided she was ready to go back home. Gavin on the other hand could have stayed there all day picking up rocks, throwing them and doing other things that little boys do with rocks like trying to eat them and rub them aginst the van. After having tons of fun we headed home and the kids were exhausted. When we got home we cleaned the rocks and of course Dezi got all of the good ones and put them in her treasure box/bag/backpack or whatever else she is carrying around. ALSOOOO Eleanor got her First tooth!! Hope you guys all have fun finding some Fire Aggets with us we cant wait to get out more and more in this beautiful weather. xox (Video Below)

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