Splashing Good Time



Happy Friday! Hope you all had a wonderful week. We took these pictures yesterday, the kids just love playing in the water! Probably because it is always so warm out and they just wanna cool off. lol, I was just telling my mom the other day that there is never any cold water it’s always room temperature. When we first got here the bath water was not very hot so Jason turned the hot water up so for like three weeks we thought we had the hot water on and we just found out yesterday we didn’t have it on, so all this time we were taking showers/baths with room-temperature water. we thought that was so funny you would never be able to do that in Oregon!

On another note, our realtor recommended us a babysitter and she watched all four kids the other day, mind you she is only 15! I was pretty nervous at first but she is the oldest of seven kids, so I knew she had some experience and she babysits for other families. The kids loved her and when we dropped her off Dezi kept saying how much she loved her and wanted her to stay with us. We are so excited we found someone to watch our kids! It was so nice getting away for a bit and just having a good time chatting and watching a movie. We love our kiddos but sometimes we need some time to catch up without any interruptions.

well, hope you all have a great weekend! xox

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