Little Letters, Green Dress Edition

Dear Arizona, we love you so much even if you're over 100 everyday. 🌞🔥

Dear Green dress, I love how flowy and bright you are it was truly love at first sight.

Dear pool, thanks for keeping my family and I so cool. An getting my kiddos so tired so they pass out when it's bedtime. 🙌🏼

Dear twinkies, you two are growing sooo fast and your personalities….gah I love you two!

Dear Bubby Boy, you are so cute when you follow your sister everywhere. I can tell you're really trying to be a big boy lately and talk more you are the sweetest boy ever!

Dear Novirae, I'm so excited for you. you're going to skyrocket.

Dear peanut m&ms, why are you so darn good this girls trying to get in shape and you are making it very difficult! Please stop tasting so delicious…. 🙄

Dear anonymous, thank you for reading my blog and reminding me of that hilarious incident! Lol It made my day. 💕

Hope you all enjoyed my little Letters have a wonderful week! Xox

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