Life Lately

Hello, everybody! hope you’re all having a wonderful week we haven’t been posting here lately we recently started vlogging. I do want to keep posting on here pictures of our family but we are still learning how to carry two cameras and four kids. lol Kinda tricky but once we figure it out it’ll be a piece of cake! last week we flew with the babies to Arizona. It was so nice I wish I would’ve taken more pictures but we were literally on go mode! We went to a taco place called Joyride and it was so good! I wish we would’ve gone again but we ran out of time. If you live in Arizona and haven’t tried it you should you won’t regret it promise. Well, I wanted to share our youtube channel since I have been posting there a lot lately. we uploaded a video yesterday of a little life lately that I will link down below for you all to check out. As always hope you all have a wonderful day! xox

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