Easter Egg Color Mess


Gavins work of art

DSC_8457DSC_8466DSC_8499DSC_8503DSC_8521A few weeks ago we picked up a box of Easter egg color dye but we havent had the right time to color eggs until right before Easter. It was Friday afternoon and Dezi and i had started to boil the eggs. Once we started the process Dezi wasnt about to stop so after the eggs were done cooling Dezi was telling me to call Papa so he could hurry home and color eggs. As soon as Papa got in the door the dye went in the glasses and the coloring began. We both thought Dezi was excited but then as soon as Gavin saw what was going on he turned up the level of excitement! He was like a wild animal trying to drink every single glass thinking they were delicious types of juice. After we got started he calmed down a bit and the coloring began. After a new tip from Jason’s mom we grabbed a couple of whisks and started to have a blast. The Whisks Made it super fun and easy to color, the kids couldnt dip them in the cups fast enough. The Gather mat we had made a great floor cover since we don’t have newspaper sitting around the house, it cleaned right up and never stained it at all. Dezi was a pro but Gavin on the other hand was a beast smashing every single egg he touched and almost all of Dezi’s. After we got done coloring them all we were left with about 8 or so because Gavin smashed the rest. That was all the excitement he needed and as soon as the eggs dried Dezi and I were able to decorate them with a less chaotic environment. The eggs turned out great and it was so much fun getting to watch the kids smiles with all the colors splashing everywhere! Thanks for reading happy Monday! xox


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