Little Letters, Spring Edition

FullSizeRender.jpgDear Oregon, Please give us some sunshine and warmer weather. I’ve had enough rain. Bye.

Dear Potty Training, I hate you  (deep sigh) I got this!

Dear Khalid, I’m really digging your songs lately.

Dear Frappes, I love you, thank you for making me feel like I slept 8hrs.

Dear iPad, Thank you for babysitting Dezi lately you’re a lifesaver!

Dear Twins, Please gain some weight so we don’t have to feed you so often.

Dear Gavin, You’re my favorite little boy. I love you!

Dear Trolls, I thought I wouldn’t like you but now I have you on repeat even if the kiddos aren’t watching.

Dear Tulips, 🌷 I can’t wait to go see all your prettiness at the wooden shoe this year. You’ll always be my fave flower. You’re the reason why I love spring.


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