“Mama take a picture”
Can you spy her gum 😂

“Papa where’d my gum go” ⬆️

Whenever I ask Dezi If she wants something to eat she’ll respond with “I can’t like it!” I have no idea where she got that from but it’s pretty funny when she says it all serious. 

“What’s that noise mommy?” All day everyday and sometimes she’ll say it even if there isn’t a sound. 

“Otay (ok) mommy.” 

“What’s that?” Alllllllllll day long! 

“Look at my sisters!” She says to random people when we go to appointments. She loves showing of her sissies. 

Whenever there’s little girls somewhere she’ll go up to her hold her hand and say to us, “that’s my friend.” I gotta remind her that she can’t be stealing other people’s kids like that! Lol. 

Lately my mom will take Gavin to her house to help us out and Dezi will get worried and won’t stop asking us “mama where’s Gavin” or “Gavin not here yet!” She loves her brother even if they bump heads sometimes. 

The other night we watched Inside Out before bed time. When papa took her to bed she said “I’m so happy papa.” She’s such a love. 
“Hey babe hey babe!” (She hears papa calling me that or vice versa.)


She calls Eleanora “Elenoona” and Violet “sister.”

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