Life With Twins At Home

Now that we have all our kids under one roof, life has been crazy! My mom has been coming over in the mornings to help us with Dezi and Gavin and sometimes she’ll take them to her house and bring them back in the evening which has been super helpful. Violet and Eleanor are really good sleepers but since they’re still so tiny we HAVE to wake them up every three hours and feed them even if they aren’t hungry/awake. They also take so long to finish their bottle because they are still learning to eat so it takes them 30 minutes to finish. Then we have to change them and swaddle them and by the time we do all that it’s been an hour, and we have to wake up again in a couple hours. That’s definitely been the hardest part for us! With our other kids, it was only one and we would trade feeding times so we would get pretty good stretches of sleep and we weren’t so tired. Since there’s two of them we can’t do that and we’re both extremely exhausted only getting 1hr to 2hrs of sleep at a time. Yikes! Coffee/energy drinks have become our best friends. We are also trying to keep them in the same schedule so we feed them at the same time every time. Hoping that will pay off on the long run. Dezi and Gavin love their sisters. Dezi is always trying to help feed them/change their diaper and Gavin will throw away their diapers. Such good little helpers. Eventually it won’t be this hard, and I’m sure we’ll look back in a few years and miss it. (Them being this little, not the lack of sleep 😂) Thanks for reading! Xox 

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