Goodbye 2016

Here are a few highlights of 2016..•Getting to celebrate Jason’s golden birthday and Snorkeling on his special day!

•Going on our first Family trip to Mexico and laying by the pool watching Dezi “swim”.

•Going to the tulip festival. I loove tulips I’d chose them over any other flower.

•Celebrating Gavin’s first birthday. It was so fun watching him smash his cake.

•Finding out we were expecting baby number 3 and then turned out we were having identical twin girls!

•Playing in our first snow storm. Dezi wouldn’t stop eating the snow! Gavin thought doing faceplants was the best.

•Christmas this year was so fun with the kids! Dezi really understood what presents were and got to open them for pretty much everyone!

•Spending it with my best friend/soulmate/husband!

Cant wait to see what 2017 will be like with 4 kiddos. ☺ Hope y’all have a fun and safe NYE! Xox

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