Whenever Roxy is around she’ll say “No pwabby” (no puppy)
Me: “Dezi how many babies do I have in my belly?” 

Dezi: “Tchew babies.”
When I’m busy with Gavin and she’s trying to tell me something she’ll come up to me grab my face and say “Listen listen” 
When ever we tell dezi we are going to a birthday party she gets really excited and starts saying “Happy chu chu yay”
Dezi: “Mama I want HApple juice.” 
When we check the mail She’ll point and say “the Mall” (mail)
She’s is calling her brother by his first name now instead of baby it’s now “Babin”
She was pretty into dinosaurs after Gavin’s birthday party but she calls them “Roar roar orsaur” 
Papa: “Hi Dezi I’m almost off see you in a bit okay.”

Dezi: “Papa Urry ap” (hurry up) 

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