Mom Life


// 1st Shirt: Alley and Rae  (c/o) // 2nd Shirt: Alley and Rae (c/o) //

Motherhood… I’ve learned so much these past couple of years. Dezi and Gavin have taught me so much and I couldn’t imagine my life without my kids. I just love them both so so much. Some days I feel beyond overwhelmed, especially now that I’m a stay at home mom, and some days I wish that I was still working, but I’m so thankful for this opportunity. How lucky am I to be able to experience every milestone of their lives with them?! Dezi is talking so much now, and I just love that. I really try to have a conversation with her even when I have no idea what she’s saying, even if I only catch a few words here and there. I really try to not shut her down even when she asks me, “Where’s Papa?” a million times and I say, “He’s working, remember?” but I always try and tell myself she’s just a kid she doesn’t know any better and everything is still so new for her. I’m learning to be more patient everyday, which is something that I was extremely terrible with. I definitely never want my kids to feel like I’m pushing them away. I always want them to feel loved and cared for. I want them to know that I’m here for them, no matter what. I also love how Dezi shows her expressions so much. She gets so excited about things and has such an amazing energy, it is so contagious! She is the sweetest love bug ever, and will come up and kiss me out of nowhere. It really just makes me melt. She just looks at you with those big brown eyes and you can see her excitement and genuine happiness. She just grabs your face and kisses you 50 times and I’m just thinking, “What did I ever do to deserve such an amazing child like you?!” I can’t wait to experience that with Gavin. I see him growing into his personality more and more everyday. Their personalities are so different from one another. Gavin is so happy and he’s always smiling while he plays with his cars (Which has to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen) and loves doing his own thing, but is starting to play and follow sister more. I honestly can’t wait to see their bond unfold and watch them grow together. I love my babies and I can’t wait to welcome two more little ones. Also how cute are these shirts!? I want to buy all of them. If you havent checked them out you definitely should ! (use code SMILE20 to get 20% off. Have a wonderful day! Xo

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