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Since we are fairly new to the blogging scene we have been collaborating with a lot of companies lately and when came to us with the idea to pair up with us on a post we were unsure about how it would fit into our lives but after going to the website we knew that it was a great tool for getting of our baby needs.

It was hard writing about just one item because they have so many that we are familiar with. We decided to pick one that we hadn’t tried yet and we are so glad we picked it because we never got one with Dezi and Gavin. Since we are having twins we know how hard it will be to watch all the kiddos and we know that the bumbo multi floor seat will go great with our collection of rockers and swings. We wish we would have found this website with our first baby Dezi because it really breaks down everything that you need and they are able to price match and give you the best deals on everything. I really loved the idea that they just bundle the essentials in all the different categories so that you are able to get everything that you need. We havent been able to try the bumbo out yet but we know how much we will be needing it as soon as the babies arrive.

Another item the we would love to try is the 4moms Mamaroo. We have heard so many good stories about how helpful they can be with a fussy baby and with two little ones on the way it would be nice to have one to put the baby in while I have my hands full with the other one.

Swaddles played a huge part in getting our oldest Dezi to sleep when she was tiny but after we had Gavin we really ran out of all of them he really wore them out. Once we saw the Little Unicorn style swaddle we knew we needed to order a couple of them also. The prints are sooo cute and we cant wait to wrap our little twins in them. By now we should be quite the pros in swaddling but you know they always find a way to wiggle out.

After working with it really makes us feel comfortable about our shopping experience and we cant wait to get tons more baby gear from them. I am so glad that we found this resource through social media and love to be able to share it with all of you! have a wondeful weekend. xo

*Thank you BabyCubby for sponsoring this post.

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