Little Letters 

Dear Life,Why have you been so crazy lately? You’ve made it almost imposible for me to blog and I really enjoy blogging.
Dear Tired,Go away I need to parent two kids and you’re making it hard. Bye!

Dear Dezi, I love you so much thank you for being the best behaved two year old. You amaze us every day!

Dear Haircut, I loved you for half a day till I took a shower and my fro came out. I don’t have time to fix you everyday.

Dear Mac & Cheese,  I can feel you move and it’s so crazy to even think that I’m growing to little humans. We love you little ones.

Dear Husband, Thank you so much for EVERYTHING you do for us! You are a fricken super Dad/husband. Alright What’s the secret…

Dear Fall, I love you I really do you are my favorite. You’re crunchy leaves your colors, apple cider, pumpkin donuts, can you get any better? Oh can’t forget the Mums!

Dear Nose, Calm down I really don’t enjoy your intensity lately you’re making it harder for me to eat certain foods. Like hello… I’m eating for three. I liked you better when you couldn’t smell anything. Be nice to me.

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