When ever we are on the phone and Dezi’s around she’ll say “HAYYYYYY Hiiiiiiii Hayyyy” non stop really loud. 
Dezi will try to talk to us in her own language and do gestures while she’s talking with her hands. (Pretty cute seeing her get into it. Just wish I knew what she was saying) 
When we are done having dinner she’ll point to the tv and say “Ovie” “Ovie” (Movie) 
She was sitting on the couch and started saying “bankie”. We had no idea what she was trying to say so I told her to show me. She took me to our room and pointed at the blanket. 😂 
Whenever she hears her brother she’ll point at him and say “BABY BABY” and giggle. 

I was soppose to post this a week ago but I haven’t had time.. life happens. Aren’t they precious I love these two. Have a wonderful weekend. Xo 

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