Trips To The Park W/ FP


//Shoes: Freshly Picked //

Quick trips to the park have never been so easy with out our Freshly Picked Moccs. Not only are these a breeze to put on Gavin but they are also super durable and never come off when he is climbing and crawling around on the playground. These shoes have already been through a lot and the material that they are constructed with like the nice leather just keeps looking better and better. Although Gavin isnt quite up to walking yet he is a super active 9 month old and these shoes havent come off of him yet. Im never worrying about retracing our steps looking for a lost shoe. This is definitely the reason we keep putting them on his feet. Where ever we go we can quickly and easily put them on with any outfit and people are always giving us compliments on them. Another reason that i like them so much is that if i do need to take them off for some reason i can always just slip them in the diaper bag or my husbands pocket. I couldnt imagine our lives with out these if you havent gotten a pair for your little one you really need to check in to it. You wont regret the simple style and the tough construction. I did a giveaway last week and the winner is….. @Irazu_salgado thank you all for entering. Have a wonderful day. Xox

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