Summer Update


Summer has been such a busy time for us we totally forgot to post these totally cute pictures of baby pig and donkeys! Who doesnt love that combination lol.

Lately we have been spending alot of time at the lake and making new friends. Thats whats summer is for right. Dezi is finally getting more used to the water here in Oregon, after our trip to Mexico she got pretty spoiled with the warm ocean water and never wanted to go in the cold lake. We also have been going to the park atleast a few times a week to burn off all the extra energy before bed time. Its always so hard to try and put Dezi down when its still light out so the more we wear her out the easier she sleeps. Gavin on the other hand just loves his 8:30 bed time and hes finally sleeping through the entire night. Dezi never did that until she was atleast a year old. This summer has just flown by but thats just the way life goes when you have little ones. Hope you all have a good day! xox

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