Splashing Around


My curly heads!


Last weekend was definatly the hottest of the year for us! Since it was so hot we decided to check out one of our local splash pads. It turned out to be a great idea. Since it was a pretty busy weekend around town we had the entire place to ourselves for about fourty five minutes. We ended up running through the fountins from end to end over and over again. the water was still freezing but we had a blast! The kids on the other hand are still used to the warm water from Mexico and it took them awhile to get used to it. Im really glad we decided to bring their toys because they were able to fill them up and play with them on the steps. It was such a lovely day Jasons mom decided to stop by after showing some condos downtown and the kids loved seeing their Grandma. This is one of my favorite splash pads because of its location and the state capitol and the beautiful back drop. I would definately recommend visiting it on a day over eighty degrees because they only turn them on when its hotter than that. Hope you guys enjoyed.

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