The Views

hat off kiss on

sandy baby toes are the best!

 We loved loved loved our view from our hotel room. We couldn’t get over how pretty it was! There was one night were we had thunder and lightning and sat outside on our balcony while the kids were sleeping, it was so nice and relaxing! We had a nice conversation and talked about all the memories we’ve made and can’t wait to go on more trips and make more memories. We loved taking pictures and being able to document it! On a side note, the other night I was working on a post and I couldn’t find any of our pictures from our trip. I had just updated our computer software and I was freaking out! I kept telling Jason our pictures are gone our first trip pictures are gone pleaseeeee find them while bawling my eyes out! Poor guy… he was doing everything to find those pictures. After 15 minutes of crying and trying everything we finally figured it out and we found all our pictures but some of our video was gone. That was sad because I had very little footage to work with for our video, but I made it work! If you haven’t seen it I’ve posted it below. I’m so glad we were able to find them! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! 

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