Splashing Around & Matching Suits

Love his smile!


// Swimsuit: Target // Glasses: Le Specs // Dezi- Swimsuit: Target (sold out) // Shoes: Salwater sandals // Gavin- Swimtrunks: quiksilver(sold out) // Jason- Swimtrunks: quiksilver (sold out) //

For part of our trip, we decided to stay at Barcelo Karmina for Jason’s birthday. It is such a nice resort, they have so many pools, waterfalls and beaches. Jason got me a matching swimsuit with Dezi for Mother’s Day and I couldn’t wait to wear it on our trip. Dezi and I didn’t want Jason and Gavin to be left out so we got them matching swim trunks for Father’s Day. One of my favorite things is always trying to match us whether it is the same color or similar styles. I was ecstatic to wear it during our stay in Barcelo Karmina. We had a nice dinner on Jason’s birthday, and they sang happy birthday to him in spanish. We also went snorkeling on his birthday, but I will write about it in a separate post. Hope you enjoy our pictures, have a good day!

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