Life Lately…

Those curls!


Gavin is into bananas lately 



We’ve had lots going on the past few weeks. Mother’s Day weekend was so nice, I got to spend time at my moms and my mother in laws. Family time is always fun! Dezi got some cute melting Popsicle gellies and I absolutely love them. If they had them in my size I totally would buy them too! We’ve been checking out some new fishing spots and found a few that we like and are safe for the kids and we’re looking forward to spending time there this summer! Also, we are getting everything ready for our trip to Mexico in June. We are getting so excited for a vacation! This weekend was really rainy and gloomy so we mostly stayed home and did some paint art, which ended up pretty messy. We’ve planted some vegetable plants in our backyard and Dezi is excited to see how they bloom. Hope you all have a wonderful day and a great rest of your week! Xox

(*some pictures are from our iphones)


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