The Big Toy


I spy a little monkey hanging on the monkey bars.
“push Grandma push”


Hello everybody! Yesterday we went to the park with Grandma Leslie and Grandpa Michael, and we had so much fun! It was the second time that we had taken Dezi to this park nearby that’s called “the big one.” The first time we went I was pregnant with Gavin and Dezi was still too small to play. She really liked it this time though! At first she wasn’t entirely sure what to think about all the kids playing and jumping all around her, but after she warmed up to it she really liked the horsey and the xylophone. Grandma Leslie pushed them on the merry-go-round while Grandpa Michael sat with Gavin. Dezi tried almost every single playground. She wasn’t too fond of the misting firetruck.. but maybe next time. We really enjoyed our trip to the park and can’t wait to do this again soon! After the park, we went to D.Q for some fries and sundaes. There was no better way to spend our sunny Sunday! Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa, thanks for reading everyone! xox

(P.S new video on youtube)


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