Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm


She was so tired and ready for her nap!



// Dress: Sold out similar Here // Shoes: BP. // Hat: Old similar here and here // DeziDress: Old Similar here // Shoes: Okie Dokie // GavinOutfit: Carter’s // JasonShirt: Nike // Jeans: Levi’s // Shoes: Nike //


Today we made a little trip to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. It was a blast but it was much hotter than we expected so we had to cut it a little short. While we were there Dezi got to race the little ducks, they were so much fun! The race tracks are made out of gutters and you use an old fashion well pump to pump the water out and push them down the track. Her favorite part was just playing in the water since it was so hot. We walked around the little Saturday market style tents looking for a hat for Gavin but we just found some for girls so he ended up wearing mine most of the time. Another unique attraction they had were the tire swings made in to horses. Dezi would scream every time it spun around on her. Dezi is obsessed with shoes and since this is the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm there were lots of big wooded shoes for her to play in. She kept wanting to take her shoes off and try them all on. After trying out all the attractions we went to the tulip fields to smell some flowers. Even though tulips dont smell like much we always like to watch Dezi take a big whiff and say ahhhh after she smells it. We also got a lot of great videos of our tip so you will have to check it out on the new YouTube page. Cant wait to start enjoying this beautiful weather some more. Hope you all have a wonderful day! xox


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