Lush Bath Time


^^ Rocking those gold lips after she tried taking a bite of it! lol


Scrub papa scrub


Even safe for our little guy



// Lush: Fun ‘Gold’  // Elegant Babies: Bath Toys  // Munchkin: Bath Toy Scoop //

Hey everyone! Yesterday we went up to the Lush store and got some really cool bath soaps for Dezi and Gavin! We tried one out last night called ‘Gold,’ and she absolutely loved it! It is so versatile, and you can even use it for a soap in hair. It got the job done as far as body wash, and her skin was so soft after her bath. Another bonus is how AMAZING it smells! The one we got smelled like toffee, which was so good I could just take a bite of it. 😉 We had gotten her one awhile back when she was younger. But we thought that we had to get her some more now that she’s older and understands what is going on a little bit better! She absolutely loves taking bubble baths and we love them too, and that’s like our last resort to keep her calm before bed time! Lately, it’s been so difficult getting her to bed since we took her bottle away, but after a bath she goes right to sleep! We are loving the Lush soaps that we have tried, they make your skin feel so moisturized and smooth! We are so exciting to try the rest of the soaps that we got for them, and look forward to trying out many Lush products in the future!

Thanks for reading everyone, have a great day! 💕

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