Blue Pearl Tops

DSC_3725(A little preview of our new countertops)

Hello everybody! It has been such a crazy week. Recently we decided to get new counter tops for our kitchen, and if we were going to get new counter tops, we figured we would fix up a few other things as well! We started the remodel on Monday. We were running all over the place to get paint and fixtures, appliances and tile for the backsplash. Jason has been doing such a wonderful job sanding and painting the cabinets, but it’s been a little difficult trying to get it done with two kids! We got the new appliances on Tuesday, and they were bigger than the ones we had already, so we had to do some tweaking for it to work. The countertops were set yesterday they look AMAZING! I can’t wait to show you guys what it looks like when we are finished. Jason is almost done painting all the cabinets and putting in the new fixtures on the cabinets. They will be coming tomorrow to put the backsplash and then we will be allllll done! Wohoo! I will post before and after pictures when it’s all done. Thanks for reading everyone, and have a wonderful day. Xox

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