Bible Creek


Jason’s body and Dezi’s head. LOL

Gavin’s hiding in here so he wont get wet.


// Waders: Similar here // Fleece Jacket: Cabelas // Lipstick: MAC ‘Fashion Revival’ // Beanie: Old Navy(sold out similar here) // JasonWaders: Sold out similar here // Fleece Jacket: River West Ranger // SweaterMountain Hardwear // Wrap: Moby //


Hey everyone! These are some pictures of when we went to the Nestucca river last week. We thought it was going to be nice and sunny so we took the kids with us. once we got to our fishing spot it started raining.(thanks Oregon for being so bipolar) Anyways I didn’t want them to get sick so Jason put his jacket over Dezi and it was hilarious! if you saw them from the back it looked like one person and once they turned it was two. haha. i put Gavin in my k’tan wrap and then put my jacket over him and my waders. you couldn’t see him but i looked like I was pregnant. Gavin slept most of the time so i was able to practice fly fishing. im pretty sure i hooked one but it got away because I didn’t know how to reel it in (oops) still learning. Dezi was having so much fun watching papa fish. she just kept smiling and blowing kisses being such a sweetheart. she hadn’t had her nap either so we were very impressed on how she held up. It stopped raining towards the end so i took Gavin out and took a picture of him on the trees. It took me like a minute so don’t worry I didn’t leave him on the ground for to long. Although we didn’t catch a fish this time we still had a fun time adventuring with our kids! Thanks for reading make sure you subscribe to my blog. we’ll be doing a giveaway soon so stay tuned.

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