Our favorite baby Items

These are some of our favorite items that we use on a daily basis. Who doesn’t like some advice about stuff that will be useful? I know I do. Most of theses items we got when Dezi was a baby and kept for Gavin so we didn’t have to buy a lot of things for him.

  1. Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper We use this so much! I love that it folds so easily. I use to take it to Dezi’s daycare when I worked fulltime. You could even take it to the park or Anywhere really. Gavin sleeps in it at night and he loves it! He never really liked sleeping with us like Dezirae. So this works Perfect for him.
  2.  On The Go Sleep Sheep We got this when Dezi was a baby and she loved the whale sounds. We would turn it on before bed and set the timer. Gavin loves it to and seems to sleep better. He’s such a light sleeper so if he has this on he wont wake up so easily if he hears other noises. I get more sleep! YAY
  3. Aiden + Anais Swaddle Cloths These swaddle blankets are so lightweight which is nice if your baby is born in the summer. I used them a lot with Dezi! They are also nice for Gavin because he gets really warm and starts sweating at night so I just let him sleep naked and swaddle him with them.
  4. Fisher-Price Cradle ‘n Swing both Dezi and Gavin love this swing. Dezi used it up until she couldn’t fit anymore. Gavin loves to be rocked so this is awesome I just put him in there and he falls asleep. I honestly don’t know how I’d be able to get things done around the house if it weren’t for this. lol
  5. Dr Browns Bottle if you have a colicky baby these are the bottles for you! There nice because they have a vent system that eliminate the air bubbles. Although Dezi and Gavin never suffered with colic they did help with gas and spit up. Gavin has a little bit of acid reflux so these help him a lot.
  6. Graco Pack n Play  We take this with us when we go on trips and set it for Dezi because she will not sleep with us. She thinks its play time and just wants to talk. It’s also nice because sometimes she spends the night at Grandma Leslie’s and they just set it up and she sleeps all night.
  7. Baby K’Tan Breeze Wrap Carrier we used a moby wrap with Dezi and it was just sooo long and hard to remember how to wrap her. I was at target and saw this wrap and fell in love with it. Super easy to put on its like a scarf. Gavin loves it when we dont want to push the double stroller around I just slip this on. so easy!IMG_0140When Dezi was a little baby. DSC_2848Gavin loving the swing.DSC_2520^^ Pinks the new blue.. LOL IMG_2432^^Fishing with baby Gavin in the K’Tan Wrap. (Auntie Lyssa and Dezi in the back)DSC_2881 Look at this little Bear!

Hopefully this helps some new mamas to be. Thanks for reading.

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