Hugs and kisses 

gallagher020216 (3)
^^She loves her brother so much!
gallagher020216 (4)
^^Look at that smile

gallagher020216 (1)gallagher020216 (8)gallagher020216 (7)gallagher020216 (6)

gallagher020216 (2)
^^Shes such a cheeseball and I love it!
gallagher020216 (5)
^^Someone help him

Can you believe Valentines day is this Sunday! We took the kids on a mini valentines shoot with our photographer. She does an amazing job she is so patient with them and I love that about her! Dezirae was really good for like ten minutes and after that you couldn’t ask her to pose or hold her brother. She would scream and cry we even tried bribing her with candy! Nope she wasnt having it. I’m so glad Trisha was able take a few good ones before the breakdown. I can’t believe how big their getting last year Dezi was just six months old and now she looks so big and she’s a big sister. I wish I could pause time and enjoy them a bit more when they’re itty bitty. I’m loving every stage she’s going through its so fun being their mom. If you live in Oregon you should check her work out! (click here)

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