Gavin’s newborn pictures 

Gavin is getting so big he’s already three months! ☹️ I just can’t believe how fast they grow up. He is so cute he sucks on his little fingers and I just love it. 💗  He smiles so much now when Dezi was a baby she didn’t really smile or giggle but Gavin just loves it. I can’t wait to see how he’ll be when he gets older. I just want smooch him all the time and Dezi is such a sweetheart with him. She just loves him so much! When we had him her Grandma took her to meet Gavin at the hospital she wasn’t so sure about him. She was very tired and it was past her bedtime so I think that’s why she didn’t really care so much about him. They came back the next day and she just loved him and kept giving him kisses. 😘 ever since that day she hasn’t stopped doing that every morning I go to her room and the first thing she says is “baby, baby”! It’s so cute!!! 💙💗 I love my babies so much!!!! 😊💕 

    Such a cute little smile! 😍
 My beautiful babes. 💞

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