A day in the Alsea woods..

Jason and I went on an adventure today! We dropped the kids off at my mother in laws house and we hiked to find a spot to set our trail cam. so when hunting season starts we shoot one or two! This is the first year that I’m going hunting and I’m pretty excited!! I’ve never really been interested mostly because I didn’t have the gear for it but we went to Cabela’s a few weeks ago and I fell in love with a really nice rifle. Jason was giving me a hard time about it because it was short and all this other stuff blah blah blah… but after we left I looked up the reviews and its a really good rifle for hunting deer and elk! Sooo he changed his mind and we are going to go back to buy it in a couple of weeks. We went there yesterday and I got my camouflage gear which I love because it kept me so warm the pants are super soft like a fleece jacket. At some point during our hike I got super warm and out of breath and I realized how so out of shape I am! Definitely a work out this was the first time I’ve been active since having Gavin.(yikes) We didn’t find a good spot so we didn’t leave our cam but we will find another spot. After our trip in the woods we drove down the road a few miles and went to Jason’s favorite winter steelhead fishing spots. He showed me all the fish in the trap and we tried to catch one ourselves. After about an hour of fishing and a small fly fishing lesson we decided to head home. Pictures Below!

Boots: Hunter // Hat: Old Navy (sold Out similar here) // Jacket: Cabela’s // Pants: Cabela’s // Lipstick: MAC ‘Candy Yum Yum’  // JasonFleece Jacket: Mountain Hardwear (sold out similar here) // Jeans: Levi’s // Waders: Simms (sold out similar here) //


Such a pretty creek.


I love this stud muffin!


We found a carcass! eww..


what did the fish say when it swam into the wall? Dam! 🙂
A great fisherman’s confidence to catch fish comes from his passion not his gear.


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