There’s not a moment to spare! 

We haven’t been bowling for a while I can’t even remember the last time we went.😳 last time we went Dezi was a little baby and couldn’t even walk yet. I told Jay a couple of weeks ago that we need to take her now that she’s older. He use to be in a bowling team but he decided to not do it this year…😒which sucks because I love going to his games and cheering him on its so fun!! Well his team that he use to play for asked if he could sub Monday, since someone won’t be able to make it and they’ll be short one guy. So we definitely had to go and practice!  Dezi wasn’t so sure about it at first but towards the end she really liked it and was clapping every time she would roll the ball. 😊🎳 I even beat Jason the first round and the second round Jason won. Wah! I only won the first time because the bumpers were up. Lol pictures below.

    Eating fruit snacks 😋
 Mr. Sleeping beauty! 👶🏼

    My goofball 💗

 Clapping 👏

 First game.
 Second game. Dezi almost beat me! 😳

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