Our weekend 

We had a very productive weekend we usually just hang out, relax and watch movies. But we had so much laundry this weekend so we decided to tackle it down. It was about SIX loads!! I seriously thought It wasn’t going to end. I folded the clothes while the kids were sleeping and Jason took the Christmas lights down (finally). After we got done with all of that we got ready and went to my moms. We also watched the movie sisters and it was so funny you must watch it. Sunday we went to church and that was very nice we always learn something new. after church we went to have  brunch at Denny’s. Went to Jason’s moms and left the babies. Went to get some stuff at the mall and then came home and watched one of our shows. That pretty much highlights our weekend. 😬 

 These gummie bears are sooo good!! We buy them from a store inside the mall called lollipops. Yellow one is mango and the pink one is grapefruit. 😋

   Inside the store lollipops. (Wearing there king hat) lol
 Mister Gavin looking like a big boy. 😢

 My handsome brunch date. 😍


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