Dezi & Gavin

IMG_1613Dezi being a good sissy. Gavin was like 2weeks old here. 🙂 IMG_1820Gavin looks a lot like dad (Jason) so thats really cute and Dezi looks a lot like me (Bianca) IMG_1879

I love these two there the best thing that ever happened to us! Dezi is such a good sister and we love watching her interact with her little brother. she’s still a little rough on him but I’m sure that’ll get better with time. Dezirae has such an outgoing personality she will wave at at anyone anywhere. She loooooves exploring she gets into everything right now i think it might be the age she is 17months. Gavin is 2months and all he really does right now is sleep. Which is totally fine with me because Dezi can be a handful sometimes. we love them to pieces and can’t wait to watch them get older and play with each other. just 2reasonstosmile!

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